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Mr. Sincerity

Gay Speech Studies

At the U of T Linguistics Department, we are investigating the phonetic characteristics of gay/lesbian and straight speech.

Participants will be recorded performing several speaking tasks: reading a word list, reading two short passages, viewing and describing a short silent film, telling about an interesting event in their life, and pronouncing various utterances at different pitches.

You must:
Be between the ages of 18–35 years
Be a native speaker of Southern Ontario English
Have no speaking or hearing difficulties
Be gay/lesbian

You would be paid $10.00 for participating. The recording takes about 30 minutes.

To sign up for this experiment or for further information,
please e-mail us at or reply to this post
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I might be interested, what exactly is the study being used for?
It is simply being used for academic advancement- our main purpose is to discover what properties of speech people associate with being gay or straight, since many people attribute certain qualities as sounding gay, despite the sexual orientation of the speaker. If you are still interested, please e-mail